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Welcome to Flash Forward: A Celebration of the FUTURE of Flash Gordon– AND MORE!!!

By Tea Fougner

Wow! Flash Gordon– the cinematic masterpiece that adapted our own beloved Alex Raymond adventure comic– premiered nearly 40 years ago, on December 5, 1980! 

To celebrate, we decided that instead of looking back on the past, we’d invite 40 amazing cartoonists to share their take on the FUTURE of Flash Gordon! 

Once a week, you’ll be able to visit FLASH FORWARD and see amazing Sunday comics from all kinds of talented artists: comic strip cartoonists, comic book artists, indie cartoonists, political cartoonists, webcartoonists, animators, illustrators, graphic designers, and more! Each one is sharing their take on what the future of Flash Gordon might be– from a peek into an imagined Flash Gordon story to their thoughts on the history of one of the most influential comics of the past century! 

Here’s the first strip, by Jim Keefe, who wrote and drew Flash Gordon from 1996 until 2003. 

But that’s not all!  David Reddick of Intelligent Life has also created a series of short Flash Gordon motion comics called Flash Gordon: A Minute to Save the World! 

You can check out the first one below and see more on the Comics Kingdom YouTube channel!