Timeline – 2011 Part 4

By Brian Walker

The majority of the scenes in Beetle Bailey take place at Camp Swampy, most often in the barracks or the General’s office. It’s nice to take the action outside once in a while.

The Sunday page above features a nice sunset. It’s also a twist on the recurring gag of Sarge falling off the cliff. This time Beetle is left hanging.

The classic 1962 Sunday page below showcases some really nice scenery. It also has a minimum of dialogue.

We’ve never specified where Camp Swampy is located. This sequence shows forests., a water fall, cliffs and snow-capped mountains in the background. So, it could be anywhere.

Beetle’s desire to share the sunset with Sarge reveals a significant aspect of their relationship. They may have adversarial roles but are also friends. Until it comes time for Sarge to put Beetle on KP again.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting some fresh air and a few laughs.

– Brian Walker