Mort Walker Strips

By Brian Walker

In addition to Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois, Mort Walker was involved in the creation of seven other comic strips.  Mrs. Fitz’s Flats (1957 – 72) was about a little old lady who ran an apartment building and was produced by Mort’s first assistant, Frank Roberge. Sam’s Strip (1961 – 63) was about a character that managed his own comic strip and was done with Jerry Dumas. Boner’s Ark (1968 – 2000) starred a bumbling captain and an ark of animals and was produced for many years by Frank Johnson. Sam and Silo (1977 –  ) is a spin-off of Sam’s Strip set in a small town and was done by Jerry Dumas until 2016. The Evermores (1982 -86) portrayed a family in different historical settings and was done with Johnny Sajem. Betty Boop and Felix (1984 – 88) combined two classic animation stars and was produced by four of Mort’s sons, Greg, Brian, Morgan and Neal. Gamin and Patches (1987 – 88) done with his assistant Bill Janocha, starred a street urchin and his dog and was distributed by United Features Syndicate.

– Brian Walker