A Prolific Cartoonist

By Brian Walker

In addition to Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois, Mort Walker was involved in the creation of seven other comic strips. Mrs. Fitz’s Flats (1957 – 72) was about a little old lady who ran an apartment building and was produced by Mort’s first assistant, Frank Roberge. Sam’s Strip (1961 – 63) was about a character that managed his own comic strip and was done with Jerry Dumas. Boner’s Ark (1968 – 2000) starred a bumbling captain and an ark of animals and was produced for many years by Frank Johnson. Sam and Silo (1977 –  ) was a spin-off of Sam’s Strip set in a small town and was done by Jerry Dumas until 2016. The Evermores (1982 -86) portrayed a family in different historical settings and was done with Johnny Sajem. Betty Boop and Felix (1984 – 88) combined two classic animation stars and was produced by four of Mort’s sons, Greg, Brian, Morgan and Neal. Gamin and Patches (1987 – 88) was done with his assistant Bill Janocha, starred a street urchin and his dog and was distributed by United Features Syndicate.

– Brian Walker