August 3rd, 2020


by Edgar

Parenting can be the hardest job in existence, but also the most rewarding. Just ask our special guest today, Paul, who is the single father of a curious infant named Angus. Together, they go on all sorts of fun adventures and face wild antics as father and son.


Today, Paul welcomes us into his home for an exclusive Comics Kingdom interview, where he tells us the secret to communicating with your 1-year old, a feat deemed impossible by many. So how is he able to do it? What advice does Paul have to any new dads out there? And more importantly, what is Angus’ favorite creation? Find out more in our interview below!



Hi Paul. How are you and Angus doing?

Paul: We’re doing okay. A little exhausted, but okay.
Angus: Ba ba ba.
Paul: Angus wants to tell you he’s not tired at all. As a matter of
fact, he’s feeling quite perky.


You got all that from three “ba’s”?

Paul: Well, there was actually more. I just gave you the highlights.
Angus can be a bit verbose.


How are you able to understand Angus? Is there a school or an online
course where I can learn how to speak “ba?”

Paul: I’m afraid there isn’t. I’m not sure how I’m able to understand
him. I just do. So does his mama and his grandma, so I guess it’s just
a family thing.


As a dad working from home, how are you able to balance your job and

Paul: It’s tricky, but I….
Angus: Ba ba.
Paul: Angus wants to tell you that the work-to-dessert ratio is
unbalanced. And I guess I’d have to agree.


Have you thought about getting any pets in the future? Maybe a puppy?

Paul: I don’t think so. I think one being with a very limited
vocabulary is enough.


Angus, what wacky invention are you most proud of?

Angus: Ba ba.
Paul: The book catapult? Really?
Angus: Ba ba ba.
Paul: I know you love reading, but you hit me right in the stomach
with some Tolstoy. Hard cover too.


Do you know what you wanna be when you grow up?

Angus: Ba ba ba ba.
Paul: He’s not sure. He likes science and music.
Angus: Ba ba.
Paul: He’d probably like to be a dad. He has some ideas on how to
improve on my example.


And finally, Paul, what parenting advice can you give for new and
expecting dads?

Paul: Angus and I talk a lot, so I guess you’d could view parenting as
one long, on-going conversation.
Angus: Ba ba ba ba.
Paul: Speaking of which, somebody has just informed me about a “couch
incident” so I’d better go.



Click here for more Daddy Daze. And for more character interviews, stay tuned right here on Comics Kingdom!




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