Timeline – 2010 Part 2

By Brian Walker

In the Sunday page above, Hi helps Chip’s band as a “roadie” for one of their gigs. The authenticity of these episodes is provided by illustrator Chance Browne (photo below) who is an accomplished blues guitarist.

One of Chance’s early bands, “The Swamp Gas.” played at Staples High School to benefit the Silvemine Art School in the late 1960s. Chance is on the far right with the cowboy hat.

Another of his bands, “The Twinkies” was a fixture at the Georgetown Saloon for many years. They ocassionally get together for a reunion concert. Chance is the one singing and playing guitar.

Chip Flagston’s musical interests go back to the 1960s when he played protest songs on his acoustic guitar. In more recent times he has formed a band with his friends Jerry and Sid that has had various names. Click the link below to see a recent post about Chip’s current group.


We hope you have enjoyed this musical interlude. Tune in next week for another installment in our Timeline series.

– Brian Walker