Timeline – 2010 Part 1

By Brian Walker

This Sunday page features Beetle’s mother and father and his old girlfriend Buzz. The news from home is not good.

Below is an image of what Beetle’s family looked like in 1962. Mort drew his mother quite different in the episode above. Chigger is his little brother and Lois Flagston is his sister. There’s a considerable age difference between the Bailey siblings.

Beetle took his first fulough home from Camp Swampy in March 1952. We documented this visit in three previous posts. Here are the links to that sequence.




Buzz and Chigger are also featured in the story. Two years later Beetle went home again and visited his sister Lois. The Flagstons went on to star in their own strip Hi and Lois which debuted on October 18, 1954.

– Brian