Timeline – 2009 Part 6

By Brian Walker

In July 2009, Chip Flagtson got a summer job as a counselor at Camp Runamucca. To see the first part of this story go to: 


Chip didn’t get much respect from the precocious campers but he did meet a cute girl named C.J. who was also a staff member. They became close friends.

Here are the last three strips from the week long story which was conceived and written by Greg Walker. Look for the shout out to art assistant Bill Janocha and brothers Neal, Morgan and Roger Walker.

The Sunday page at the top, when Chip says goodbye to C.J., was the conclusion of the story. As in the opening episode, Chance Browne put extra effort into creating the Camp Runamucca setting.

Next week we will be moving on from 2009 in our Timeline series, so be sure to check back.

– Brian Walker