By Edgar Ortiz

This year marks the 30th anniversary for Between Friends! The syndicated strip has enjoyed its share of success over the years, appearing in over 175 newspapers in 10 countries as far and wide as Australia, India, South Africa and Guam. It’s strong messages relating to feminism and positivity (as well as parenting) has touched the hearts of many.


To celebrate the ocassion, Comics Kingdom brings you an exclusive interview with the cast of the strip: Susan, Kim and Maeve! They were happy enough to sit down with us at their favorite local coffee shop somewhere in Ontario, Canada (it’s so pretty out here, definitely worth the trip). So how did they all meet? What do they have going on today in 2020? What’s next for them?? Find out below!



To start off, when and how did you all meet?

Maeve: We went to high school together.
How did you all stay friends for this long, and do you have any advice for maintaining a healthy friendship for many years?
Kim: High school is when you begin your independent life…when you have all those “firsts”. Sharing those make strong ties.
Maeve: Sharing those firsts make strong ties, keeping them secret between you maintains the friendship.
What kind of wine do each of you prefer? I hear it’s a favorite pastime for ladies’ night out.
Susan: Anything red.
Kim: Baco Noir
Maeve: -or the occasional martini.
Susan, my sources claim that you’re known for remodeling your house pretty often. What’s next for your lovely home?
Kim: She TALKS about remodeling her house.
Susan: Well, it’s tough making a decision. I keep changing my mind about what I like.
Kim: You’ve been going to remodel your kitchen for the past three years.
Susan: I decided on grey walls but then I heard they’re going out of style…now greige is “in”. What the heck is greige? You see my problem?
Susan, how is your adopted daughter Emma and what is she up to these days?
Susan: Emma is graduating university next year. She’s talking about doing a Master’s program. She’s a smart cookie.
Kim, how about your stepson Danny? What is he up to these days?
Kim: He’s applied to graduate school. He’s waiting to hear. And he has a girlfriend.
Susan: Is he still seeing the same one? Is it serious?
Kim: Yes and I don’t know. The only way moms can get information is not to ask.
Maeve, how would you describe the current dating scene? Any new developments in your love life that are public knowledge?
Maeve: No comment.
Kim: No comment?! What about STEVE?
Maeve, what advice do you have for divorced women who are looking to get back on their feet?
Maeve: Don’t lend your ex-husband money.
Kim, what novels or pieces are you known for? Is there anything we should look out for in the near future?
Kim: Mainly independent pieces. I’m working on a novella…and a graphic novel…and I have two more ideas for full-length novels. All I have to do is actually write them…
As a writer myself I must ask, how can I possibly concentrate more on the job without having to be constantly distracted by social media or browsing the internet for random stuff?
Kim: You’re asking me…….?
What empowering message do each of you have for your fellow women readers?
Kim: Be true to yourself.
Maeve: Be willing to make mistakes.
Susan: Go ahead and rock the grey. You can always dye it again if you want.
Lastly, is there anything going on in your lives that we can all look forward to?
Susan: Ask Maeve.
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