Timeline – 2009 Part 2

By Brian Walker

As Sarge says in the episode above, “everyone collects something.” It was fun to imagine what the guys at Camp Swampy might be hoarding. Of course, Beetle can’t be bothered. His hobby is snoozing.

Most cartoonists I know have cartoon toys and figures displayed in their studios. I have a collection of approximately 10,000 of what I call “Sculpture for the Masses.” Here are two display cases that are in the hallway just outside my studio.

This is one of my favorite sets.

Zero, Sergeant Snorkel, Beetle Bailey and Lt. Fuzz are from the mid-1960s.  New York Giants football legend Andy Robustelli marketed these primarily on the East coast.  A complete set of these bobbleheads is hard to find.

Dave Scroggy at Dark Horse produced some great figures in recent years. The Beetle Bailey group above, which we helped him design, is from 2000. He also did sets of Mutts, Dilbert, Popeye, Groo and The Spirit.

These are just a few example from my collection.

– Brian Walker