By Edgar Ortiz

Comics Kingdom is known for hosting many different comic strips based around families. Among the standouts, we got the Tinkersons! This family of four includes husband and wife Ted and Tiff along with their children Tillman and Tweetie, and let’s not forget about their two dogs, Tubby and Lily! Together, they make up what represents a true modern family in every sense of the word.

Since 2013, we’ve been following their adventures as a family, from outrageous road trips to quality family time sitting in the living room watching TV all day while staring at their phones. Today we get an inside scoop at their lives behind the scenes and even a bit of backstory from some of them! See what they had to say in this exclusive CK interview with the one and only Tinkersons!



CK: How are we all doing today?
Ted: We’re great!
Tweetie: Ok, easy.


CK: Ted, how did you and Tiff meet?
Ted: I noticed her when she was a hostess at ChiChi’s, and then I stalked her for years until I could get the opportunity to ask her out. You know, your typical all-American romance story.


CK: What advice do you have for married couples out there?
Ted: If it’s really not a hill you’re willing to die on, then just do what she says.
Tiff: Even if it is a hill you’re willing to die on.


CK: Tiff, what’s your secret to staying sane around kids?
Tiff: I do yoga. I think yoga helps clear the mind. I also drink wine…that helps erase the mind.


CK: According to my sources, you guys went vegetarian not long ago. How is that lifestyle going for you?
Tillman: So far so bad!
Ted: That’s not true! We have been making some pretty good meatless meals.
Tillman: Says you!
Tiff: We are big into protecting the environment and animal rights so we are trying to do what we can.


CK: How did you guys get Tubby and Lily?
Ted: We got Tubby from the Humane Society and Lily from a dog rescue program.
Tiff: Lily was from the Humane Society and Tubby was from the dog rescue program.
Ted: No. Tubby was from the Humane Society.
Tiff: No no. Lily was from the…
Tweetie: OMG, who cares?!


CK: Ted, in 3 words, how would you describe your job?
Ted: Is very soul crushing one word or three?


CK: Tillman and Tweetie, how are you doing in school at the moment?
Tillman: No comment.
Tweetie: I couldn’t care less…………..but good.


CK: Tillman, according to my sources, you have a neighbor who might or might not have a crush on you. How do you feel about this and what do you feel towards her?
Tillman: Are you talking about Maime? Oh gross. She’s a friend and that’s it! Why, what did she say? Did she say that I’m cute?


CK: Tweetie, what apps do you use the most on your phone?
Tweetie: The ones my parents don’t understand how to use….or how to follow me on.


CK: Tillman, what are your favorite types of video games?
Tillman: I love all of the Super Mario games, especially the new Oddysey one! They are fun, challenging, and I can play them from my bean bag chair!


CK: Do you guys have any big plans coming up soon?
Ted: We’re putting in a pool!
Tillman and Tweetie: WHAT?!
Tiff: Yeah…What?




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