The Big Thank You Search 2020– The COVID Avengers!

By Jeff Parker

You probably noticed many of today’s funnies, and ‘Dustin,’ are saluting essential frontline workers by hiding or incorporating six symbols into their comic strips…

1. Mask (for medical workers and caregivers)
2. Steering wheel (for people who move our deliveries, supplies, mail etc.)
3. Shopping cart (for grocery workers)
4. Apple (for teachers)
5. Fork (for farmers, restaurants and essential businesses that have stayed open)
6. Microscope (for medical researchers)

We at Team Dustin send our heartfelt thanks to those who have risked and sacrificed so much to get us through this crisis. We realize many of our readers are struggling right now, but if you’re able to, we hope you too might help by making a donation to https://www.feedingamerica.org/