Covid-19 and the Comics

By Alex Hallatt

New Zealand went into lockdown at the end of March, which meant that most people had to stay at home unless they were essential workers. A month after that people who could not work at home were allowed back in the workplace, unless they worked in jobs that could not ensure social distancing.


So for the last six or seven weeks Covid-19 is all that people can talk about, think about and write about. But our syndicate deadlines require that strips are sent 6 to 8 weeks ahead of publication. So it is only this week that my comics about this pandemic have begun to appear.


I was concerned back then that they might be out of date, but I shouldn’t have worried. Most of us are still staying at home when we can and the new normal is not very normal at all.


I love public transport, but even I am going to be wary now.


Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t take action on improving our climate – environmentally, or politically:


Stay at home and if you can’t stay home, stay safe!