Timeline – 2008 Part 2

By Brian Walker

Miss Buxley was introduced in 1971 as General Halftrack’s secretary. Readers enjoyed having a pretty girl in the strip at first, but over the years criticism mounted and we were accused of sexism. Although most of the situations were innocent, we had to adapt to the times.

As Miss Buxley developed as a fully-rounded character, she often got the last laugh on her boss. She and Beetle also became friends. Here is a Sunday page from 1999 when they were first getting to know each other.

In this episode from 2000, Plato offers his theory on why Miss Buxley is attracted to Beetle.

Their friendship has now become semi-romantic, but non-sexual. They like to spend time together but it hasn’t progressed much beyond that. We have shown them holding hands a few times. 

She has more aspirations for Beetle than he has for himself. He’s a nice guy but, like most men, is a work in progress. Sarge will help her smooth out the rough edges.

– Brian Walker