Arctic Circle is Celebrating 50 Years of Earth Day With Two Weeks of Empowering Comics: Week 2

By Alex Hallatt

Earth Day Fortnight: 12 Ways YOU Can Change the World: Part 2

7. Eat local food, in season.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it hard for us to connect with local growers, as the farmers market is closed and probably will be for some time. But some of the vendors are delivering and we are trying to support them, as they are going to find the pandemic a lot tougher than the supermarkets.


8. Don’t be a slave to fashion.

I’ve never been fashionable, but I wish that I’d saved HALF of the money I spent on clothes in my twenties.


9. Buy less stuff.

My online impulse buys are usually of the second hand variety (on TradeMe, New Zealand’s version of eBay). 


10. Have fewer kids?

I’ve had several people suggest that my kids would have been an asset to the planet, being brought up to be environmentally conscious, etc. But the fact is that they would probably have rebelled and become uber-consumers just to spite me.


11. Talk about it.

Conversations about making the world a better place aren’t always easy, but they are always worth having. 


12. Vote for politicians who will act.

We have elections coming up at the end of the year in New Zealand. I know who I’ll be voting for. I hope you are registered to vote, wherever you live and whoever you are going to vote for.


Look after yourself. And the planet.