Six Chix in 2020

By Isabella Bannerman

The year 2020 has already presented a lot of challenges, but you can still rely on “Six Chix” to provide daily laughs and insights from 6 different female perspectives. The most recent change to the strip has been on Tuesdays. Until recently, Martha Gradisher was the Tuesday cartoonist. When Martha changed course to focus on an upcoming graphic novel, her spot was filled by the Chicago based Bianca Xunise.  Bianca is an award winning cartoonist, who often focuses on autobiographical and socially conscious topics. Bianca Xunise received an Ignatz Award in 2017 for her Nib comic “The Weight of Being Black in America”. Please enjoy Bianca’s work every Tuesday, and look for more posts from all of us.

The first release date for “Six Chix” was January 3, 2000, so we are currently in our 20th year. We are very proud to be able to celebrate this milestone, and very grateful for all the support from our fans and our amazing editors, sales people and managers at King Features.

There’s a lot of history in those years, and Stephanie Piro, our Saturday cartoonist has written up a wonderful essay about it, which we hope to have up for you very soon.