Social media is not where you should be getting your news

By Alex Hallatt

The overwhelming majority of climate scientists believe that climate change is happening and that it is caused by human activity, namely the release of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels and from agricultural practices such as ploughing and livestock production. But it is easy to find pseudoscience that argues the opposite. The key is to get your information from trusted sources. That means scientists who actually work in the field they are reporting on. And media outlets who check their facts and use scientists in those fields as their source of information.

And so here we are in the worst pandemic in our lifetimes and pseudoscience abounds. You can find it on Facebook and YouTube and twitter. 

Social media is not where you should be getting your news.

I feel the need to point this out because two of my friends and family sent me a link to a guy who believes that Covid 19 is not caused by a virus. Perhaps he has changed his mind about that now that he has seen more of the evidence. But unfortunately the videos he has recorded and circulated on social media are still doing the rounds.