A COVID-19 PSA by Beetle Bailey

By Edgar Ortiz

Hope everyone’s doing the right thing to stay healthy at home! Today’s PSA comes from our favorite military man, Beetle Bailey. Sarge is joining him today as well to showcase how to properly do social distancing. Luckily, Beetle isn’t getting yelled at for this and for once he has a reasonable excuse for staying away from Sarge.


In addition to reminding us about social distancing, he would like to thank and salute all of the heroes taking the frontlines of this historical event! Doctors, nurses, food workers, police, emergency workes, and to any other essential workers, we thank every single man and woman risking their lives for us out there. Remember: You are important and we are grateful to have you.



For more info, please visit the CDC’s website at cdc.govAnd for more Beetle Bailey, keep reading right here on Comics Kingdom!