Timeline – 2007 Part 1

By Brian Walker

Hi, who has a fifteen-year old son, is probably in his late 30s.

In the Sunday page above, he is dreading going back to his job at Foofram Industries on Monday.  This leads him to start thinking about other possible occupations.  He considers creative pursuits like travel writing, art photography and jazz music.

In the final panel, Lois gives Hi a reality check.  He is not old enough for a mid-life crisis.

Four years later, we revisited this theme.

Again, Hi is thinking about quitting his job.  This time he considers some leisure activities like traveling the world, racing sports cars and playing golf.  

In the last panel, Lois wonders what she is going to do while Hi is having all this fun.  Hi wants Lois to talk him out of doing anything rash.

Hi and Lois has been running for almost 66 years.  It’s hard to keep coming up with new ideas.  Sometimes we recycle old ones. Hopefully, our readers will forgive us.

Check back next week for another classic Sunday page from our archives.

– Brian Walker