By Edgar Ortiz

Happy National Crayon Day! Allow us to color your day with this week’s Top Ten Comics on Crayon! And yes, coloring books are still cool to us.


1) The Family Circus

July 2, 2004

The white crayon is basically an eraser, right?



2) Baby Blues

February 4, 2005

Legend has it that whoever owned this giant box of crayons would be the coolest kid in class.


3) Curtis

March 19, 2020

Coloring books require real crayons so they automatically win!


4) Mother Goose & Grimm

August 16, 2016

We feel your pain, Yellow.


5) Rhymes With Orange

June 15, 2017



“Your friends will become much more powerful than ever before!”


6) Hi and Lois

June 1, 2016

We all have our coloring styles! Though some may be too controversial to be understood by the mainstream…


7) Dustin

March 31, 2016

We need more adult coloring books in our lives.


8) Intelligent Life

August 9, 2015

Let crayons color your love life.


9) Arctic Circle

July 12, 2011

Where can I apply to be a professional coloring-man.


10) Marvin

August 31, 2010

Please do NOT try this at home!…At least until we ask Marvin what they taste like.