Beetle Bailey Blog Returns!

By Brian Walker

After a major overhaul to the Comics Kingdom web site, as well as both and, our blogs are up and running again!

The first Beetle Bailey post was in January 2013 and new material was added on a weekly basis until April 7, 2019.  So there are hundreds of interesting entries to revisit. Go to our archive, click on “Trending” and then “Blog” to see our most recent posts.  You can also search by subject and view previous topics.

Over the years, we covered many key moments in the history of Beetle Bailey, including how the strip started, Beetle’s college days and his enlistment in the Army, the evolution of major characters, special series like furloughs and “Sarge Dreams” sequences and other imporant milestones.

I plan to continue creating new posts on a weekly basis, so stay tooned. 

– Brian Walker