Comic Spotlight

Now More Than Ever, We Need Humor

By Rina Piccolo

The world needs so many things right now, but if you’re like most folks, a smile or a good laugh can go a long way in the mood department. I mean, just imagine if humor had to go into quarantine. Would you miss it? I’d miss it after an hour, let alone 14 days!

I don’t want to seem as though I’m not taking the pandemic seriously. I am. People all over the world are feeling the sting of having their lives abruptly up-ended. Or worse. I won’t even go into the sickness, the loss of human life— you can get that info from the news.

What I can say is this: with plenty of bad news to ramp up our collective anxiety, it’s really important to keep our minds healthy, and our spirits alive. Humor helps. A lot. There’s even science to back it up! 

(I wish this particular bit of science was there for me when — many, many years ago— I’d get kicked out of class for laughing and drawing funny pictures.)

Ah, well.

Oh, and a note about subject matter. As you may know, our daily comics are created 6 weeks in advance of publishing (9 weeks for the Sundays), so what you’re reading today was drawn up to two months ago. We hope that you keep that in mind if you happen to see a cartoon in the coming days that is out of context with what’s been going on in the world. Also, if you see a comic that you feel is inappropriate, or insensitive in light of the current crisis, we ask that you understand— and that it’s just due to bad timing, not bad cartoonists.

(Cartoonists are actually the gentlest creatures, very soft, round, and warm. We’re like big puppies with pens.) (Sad that there is no science to back that up, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.)

That’s all for now, folks. Don’t keep your distance— visit us daily. Read our comics. Laugh! Doctor’s orders!