Welcome to Six Chix, Bianca Xunise!

By Tea Fougner

Today, we have a new cartoonist joining Six Chix as our Tuesday cartoonist! Meet Bianca Xunise! 

Bianca's Self-Portrait!Bianca is a wonderful cartoonist whom you may remember as one of the contributors to Popeye’s Cartoon Club!  She’s not only the newest addition to the comic, but the first African-American woman to write and draw for Six Chix. We are very lucky to have her joining us once a week.  Bianca writes and draws a monthly comic column for Shondaland and has also drawn for VogueThe Washington Post, and The Nib, among others! She won a coveted Ignatz award (named for our very favorite brick-throwing mouse) for her comics work. 

Bianca had this to say about joining Six Chix: “I’m excited to be joining this group of women cartoonist that I have admired for years and have plowed the way for me to be able to do what I love freely. The bravery that I have seen in comics created by women and non-binary people have inspired me to always push for human truths in my work, even if it’s just truths about the everyday life. I am honored to join this team and I hope that I can inspire a new generation of cartoonists to be brave enough to share their stories.”

We are excited to be bringing Bianca’s voice, humor, and adorable cartoons to you every week, and we know you’ll love them just as much as we do!