By Edgar Ortiz

Airplanes are overrated. Driving 10+ hours to your destination while taking bathroom breaks every hour and having your passengers either fall asleep or erupt into chaos? Now that’s the true vacation experience right there. Here are the Top Ten Comics on Road Trips to distract you because you know you’re not there yet.


1) Zits

January 6, 2020

Basic law of physics state you must eat your road snacks soon after getting into the car. It is unavoidable.


2) Retail

June 3, 2013

Road trip to Disney World! ETA: Forever.


3) Sally Forth

June 30, 2017

Oh yeah. Real physical maps are a thing. Best thing about em is that you don’t have an annoying voice interrupting your favorite songs.


4) Arctic Circle

September 13, 2016

At least nobody will be complaining inside the car if they’re there yet.


5) Baby Blues

June 7, 2017

A vacationing family in their natural habitat. At peak performance, no less.


6) Six Chix

June 27, 2017

50 years from now, kids will still complain inside our flying cars.


7) Marvin

July 23, 2015

He reached ultimate parent status by becoming immune to baby crying.


8) The Pajama Diaries

November 15, 2012

Take all of our money.


9) The Family Circus

August 2, 2007

Every road tripper’s worst nightmare.


10) Hi and Lois

November 20, 2010

Hey we’re here! Now what?