By Edgar Ortiz

This past weekend, Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn went on vacation to Europe, visiting many countries such as Italy, Scottland, and Greece. Our favorite senior couple had the time of their lives over there, if you count fishing in the Venice canals and worrying about leaving the faucet on as fun.


We caught up to them when they returned and asked them how it all went. “It was okay,” said Mr. Lockhorn. “My credit card bill is going to be through the roof but hey at least I didn’t have to eat any of Loretta’s cooking for a few days.” “It was meant to be a romantic getaway but it was really just home away from home,” comments Loretta. “And I don’t mean that in a ‘paradise’ sort of way, I mean Leroy was still the same as he always is around the house, expecting everything to go his way and not wanting to go shopping with me!”


It doesn’t look like they will be taking another vacation anytime soon, not even a small trip to the lake, as Leroy can be visibly seen panicking over his credit card statements right now.