By Edgar Ortiz

The weekend has arrived! Let’s look back at our editorial staff’s top comic picks of this week.


1) Zits

September 30, 2019


Part 1 of the ‘prehistoric parents’ collection that ran throughout the week. Give them a read! Are your parents like this at all?


2) Sally Forth

October 1, 2019


What better way to start the month of October than with a super spooky comic?? This week’s Sally Forth features some scary stuff that will make you very afraid…And it even caps off with a shocking twist due tomorrow!


3) On The Fastrack

October 2, 2019


Just another day in the office for Dethany.


4) The Pajama Diaries

October 3, 2019


This week’s parenting advice brought to you by Jill!


5) Sherman’s Lagoon

October 4, 2019


Ever had your wife’s ex-boyfriend become a one-hit wonder in the 80s and then dedicate a whole song to her during a live performance in your city? Yeah we can’t relate either but Sherman’s jealousy was the talk of the lagoon this week.