By Edgar Ortiz

The spookiest month of the year has arrived and we cannot wait to share some new Halloween-themed comics with you throughout the month! So be afraid. Be VERY afraid…Because we just FREED the monsters! This month, Comics Kingdom will become a feeding ground for our lovely pets!


Cue ‘This Is Halloween.’


A deadly virus has been unleashed upon the kingdom! Or was it a curse that came from an evil book…? Doesn’t matter! IT’S UP TO YOU TO SURVIVE!


Our dogs don’t bite. Hard. So feel free to be their snack- I mean, their new friend! Yea this one’s a good boy indeed.


If a pale man comes up to you and bites you, don’t worry. That’s their way of saying hello. They may be a little thirsty but other than that you’ll be fine. We promise! An eternity of life doesn’t seem like a bad idea anymore.


Look up! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a bunch of old flying hags. Just ignore em. Their soup tastes bad and it turned our neighbors into frogs. No big deal.




We hope you enjoy your stay here this month in the days leading up to Halloween! In case you don’t feel like going outside and survive the horrors socialize with our friends and lovely pets, we got a very comfortable way for you to spend your October:


(Waiting for the 31st like…)