By Edgar Ortiz

It’s going to be one wild weekend for the state of Nevada. The viral Facebook event ‘Storm Area 51’ takes place TODAY and we are more than ready to go “see them aliens!” Two alien-themed festivals will be held in the area: One in the small town of Rachel, NV (which is the closest town to the military installation), and another in downtown Las Vegas. But that’s not going to stop us here at Comics Kingdom from preparing a festival of our own. Enter our newest celebration: ALIEN KINGDOM!


This will not only be a festival, but an experience that is OUT of this world! Happening later today, we will all meet up in the middle of the desert and initiate our raid of Area 51. The nice people at the US Air Force will open the gates for us, where a big stage will be located inside with our new extraterrestrial friends waiting for us to come party. There will be food, music, blasters, zappers, UFOs, and tons of green goo! And who knows, you might even meet up with some of your favorite strip characters! Some celebrity characters, including Popeye and Flash Gordon, will be in attendance. Some will even host their own Q&A panels! Our music lineup is headlined by none other than GOAT CHEESE PIZZA and THE NEW DELHI MONKEY GANG!



Goat Cheese Pizza (above) and The New Delhi Monkey Gang (below)


Below is our itinerary and guide to getting to Alien Kingdom:


1) Arrive at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and drive a few hours up north.

We recommend arriving a few days early to avoid traffic. Oh yes, it will get nasty. After all, EVERYONE is looking forward to Alien Kingdom!


2) Meet up with Hagar and his crew in the middle of the desert.

If at any moment you feel hungry or dehydrated, feel free to order some pizza. The fine people of rural Nevada are kind enough to offer desert delivery.


3) Initiate the raid towards Area 51.



You will be accompanied by Hagar and his crew. There is literally NOTHING for you to worry about when you join a raid with vikings.




Over 20 bands are scheduled to play!


Oh, but you didn’t just come here for the music, right? OF COURSE NOT! YOU CAME HERE FOR THE ALIENS!!!!!!



We’re going all out to make sure we put the ALIEN in Alien Kingdom. So go meet up with your new friends from outer space and give them a very Earthly welcome by showing them the best time they’ll ever have! They’ll see that there is nowhere better to party in the entire universe than our bright blue planet! Oh and before we forget, make sure you stop by our food truck for some of the nicest cuisine and comfort food straight out of the Alpha Centauri system.





We hope you have a good weekend and a great time!