Timeline – 2006 Part 5

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Hi and Lois Sunday page digital proof, April 16, 2006.

Religion is a very sensitive topic and we usually avoid it in the comic strip. We don’t want to look like we are advocating a certain set of beliefs and it’s easy to offend people.

We do occasionally show the Flagston family going to church particularly on holidays like Easter and Christmas.  It is safe to assume they are probably Christians but we don’t specify any particular denomination.

The episode above is from Easter Sunday 2006.  The buildings closely resemble the Wilton Congregational Church, close to where Chance Browne and I live in Connecticut.  I’m not sure if Chance went to the church to research this scene or drew it from memory.

Here is a photo of the compound.

Founded in 1726, the church was established on Wolfpit Road as the Wilton Parish eight years before the birth of George Washington. A decade later, the congregation outgrew that building and erected a larger one on the corner of Danbury and Sharp Hill roads. As the town spread northward and new settlers arrived, a third and final sanctuary was constructed on Ridgefield Road in 1790. Today, that building stands as the oldest meeting house still in use in Fairfield County and one of the twelve oldest in Connecticut.

Next week we will move on to 2007 in our Timeline series.

– Brian Walker