Roger’s Blog

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

After almost six hours, Samantha, Jenny and Mary returned to the surface, about a kilometer from the base. Luis located them immediately and retrieved them with his rover.
They went through airlock protocol, and then we all watched the video of their recordings. It’s an amazing story that I won’t recap here.
Basically, Jenny made good on her vow to save Earth, as long as Samantha is able to alter Mars’ genetics. She has a head start, as she’s already examined the DNA fragment we’d obtained earlier. (Good thing that was just a fragment; a complete one could have enabled Mars to destroy us.)
Very carefully, Samantha retrieved the intact Martian DNA from Humpty and kept it isolated from the base’s systems. She’s now splicing in the genetics of plant-boy Gregor with the goal of creating a green planet.
Good luck.