I Made a Shed

By Jeremy Meltingtallow
Firstly, I am appalled by the mass shooting in Christchurch that happened last Friday. Obviously, the actions of a handful of disturbed individuals do not reflect the views of the the vast majority of New Zealanders. Our thoughts go to the family and friends of those killed and also to the injured and their loved ones.


My parents have been visiting us in the past week. Fortunately we were portside when the shooting happened. We had just returned to Lyttelton from a couple of days away in a bach in Le Bons Bay. Mum and Dad love the scenery of the Banks Peninsula, the little town where we live and our house. They weren’t as keen on my potting shed (Mum may contest this, as she was very diplomatic, but I can read between the lines! Dad tends to think what Mum thinks.).


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