Roger’s Blog

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Using a rudimentary method of communication (canine barking), we’ve been able to establish a dialog with whatever lurks beneath the Martian surface. A passageway opened outside our base, and Samatha has decided to risk taking the invitation. Considering the Martian hostility toward Earth, she feels it’s the only way to save humanity.
Jenny volunteered to bring her negotiation skills, and the dodo Mary will be the translator. The three of them hold the fate of our world in their hands.
First they have to reach the chambers of the Martian civilization. This is a three-step process with each of them contributing in their own fashion. Soon, they were in, and we lost radio contact.
Ming has outfitted each with cameras on their suits to record the adventure, but that data will only be accessible once they return to the surface. We’re hoping that won’t be long.