Roger’s Blog

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Okay, now we know what we’re dealing with.
While we have no clue as to what exactly lurks beneath the Martian surface, we know it’s angry, resentful and doesn’t want us around. It also has the means, motive and opportunity to launch a five-mile-wide object at Earth that would wipe out civilization.
Our mission began as simply searching for life on Mars; now it’s trying to keep life on Earth intact. The person best suited to that task is, ironically, Jenny. (Ironic, because she really had no particular skill set to offer when the mission was planned. She’s basically on the trip because Luis is.)
Yet, now the fate of humanity rests on her negotiation abilities. As longtime readers of the strip know, she and I once dated. It may seems strange coming from me, but I’m actually pretty confident.