Kitty Dog Klub

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

(To embiggen the cartoon below, click any fur-bearing mammal.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Not Quite The Right Holiday Font.

I really enjoy drawing dogs as I hope you can tell from this cartoon. They come in so many different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Ever wondered why various breeds of cats are not as varied as dogs are? I have, but not enough to actually research it. But imagine if housecats could be as big as a Great Dane or St. Bernard, or as small as a teacup Chihuahua. 

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Now let’s turn our wondering toward what Wayno has been doing while adrift on his cartoon catamaran this week…

The hardest part of the job for this particular type of plainclothes detective is that when he needs backup, he has to trot his horse-drawn carriage back to the station house to ask for it because he’s not allowed to call or radio. (On a side note, I LOVE Wayno’s use of the word “prideful” here.

#nap #meow #litterbox #lickingmyself #inexplicablystaringintospace #Ihateyouandyouloveit

In the days before television, people were so visually starved that they often exclaimed about common, moving objects like birds. “Look! There on the sidewalk! It’s a line of ants!”

BTW: If for some reason you don’t understand the above comic, over on his weekly blog, Wayno includes a link to a brief video clip that will enlighten!

A well-placed condom at the right time could have alleviated this problem, dude. And they’re SO much cheaper than sending a kid to college.

We wanted this to say “Damn you,” but our newspaper clients don’t like having to answer angry calls and letters from church ladies.  #BrimstoneAllergiesCanBeHell

This final cartoon is a bit bleak but the good news is that he now gets to keep the cool stuff he bought from the Bizarro Shop as holiday gifts for his former significant other. Yay! 

Thanks for hitchhiking along with us for another week, Jazz Pickles. We hope your holidays are going well and that we all reach a brighter place next year.

Until my next post, be happy, be nice, be smart, & resist ignorance and fascism.

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