Roger’s Blog

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Once the dodos were in their spacesuits Luis used his rover’s backhoe extension to lower them into the hole. As Ming’s camera had shown, it was a sloping artificial passageway with smooth walls for about fifty feet, and then became roughly carved from the Martian soil for an unknown distance. The dodos were sent to investigate, and return immediately.
That was before they found a round door that appeared the scan them and open in response. A rush of air signaled a vast difference in temperature, which was confirmed when they saw liquid water flowing through an artificial channel.
The dodos’ transmission signal was beginning to degrade when they saw a figure approaching them from the far reaches of the tunnel. The closer it got, the more video and audio were lost until contact vanished entirely.
And that’s all we know. Samantha faced a major command decision, which was to follow them down there. We’ll soon see how wise that was.