Roger’s Blog

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

We’ve known for months that something was active on Mars. In fact, we changed our landing site for the express purpose of investigating it. However, we didn’t realize that it might have hostile designs on us (although the evidence was there if we’d only realized it, going back to the projectile that damaged one of the ship’s solar panels while under construction).
The threat level went up when Jenny found footprints just outside the base walls. They were diamond-shaped, and their maker appeared to be frightened away by Leonardo’s artwork. They vanished from where they came; under a fragile substance designed to resemble one of the rocks littering the Martian landscape.
Samantha kept Dave from falling through it, and after Ming’s camera revealed an artificially constructed tunnel it was decided to send the dodos in.
They wanted to be the center of attention, and now they’ll get their chance.