Roger’s Blog

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

This is a voyage of discovery, and we just discovered that something on Mars doesn’t want us here.
While Ming’s camera was investigating the deep hole on Mars, rumbling was heard and felt from the underground. Just in time, the crew realized the true purpose of the grooves on the walls, and they all piled onto Luis’s rover. He took it at top speed behind the debris pile, where they were sheltered from the resulting blast. A projectile of some sort was launched toward our orbiter, but fortunately it harmlessly crashed upon Phobos.
This changes everything, of course. However, we’re powerless to do anything about it. We have no weapons or even defensive protections. When we left last January we all assumed we were heading toward a dead planet.
As Luis points out, activity doesn’t mean life. True, but whether we’re dealing with a living being or artifacts of a long gone civilization, we’re still a target of something malevolent.