Teenage Hairwolf

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

(Embiggenation of this cartoon can be discovered by clicking the doctor’s buttocks.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Epic Monster Battles.

NOTE: It just came to my attention that last week’s auto email alert for my blog posts didn’t go out. So if you didn’t see last week’s post and would like to, here it is.

A quick shout out to my German writer friend, Michael Roth, who donated the concept from which this cartoon sprang. In his part of the world, pretty much every house as a werewolf cellar in which to lock your lycanthropic loved ones during full moons. 

The next full moon happens in my neighborhood on October 24, which will give me just enough time to recover from my own murderous romp in the woods before the opening reception of my first non-cartoon-art exhibition on the 27th. Since early this year, I’ve been creating a series of paintings and drawings of masked Mexican wrestlers, called luchadors, and this is my first showing of that work. My new website, diegopiraro.com has all of these images available as fine art prints. I invite you to sign up for email alerts when something new is posted. (I’ll never share your addy and won’t bombard your inbox.)

Here I am with my good buddy and fellow exhibitionist, Anado, captured as we discussed beard conditioners recently. He’s every bit the character he looks like he’d be and his work is fascinating and gorgeous.  See Anado’s work for yourself here.

We’ll both be at the opening reception anxious to meet and greet you so I hope some of you will pop by. I’ll also be selling some Lucky Luchador enamel pins that I designed. You can get those from our online shop, too.

But enough about me. Let’s find out what Wayno has been heating up in the cartoon toaster oven this week…

I virtually never post photos from any party or get-together for fear I’ll hurt the feelings of every person I know who wasn’t invited. Yes, this is what passes for a social media nightmare in my sad life. 

I’m still waiting for e-toilet paper. I tried using an old iPad but it didn’t work very well. 

I am a huge fan of Plan 9 From Outer Space and still contend it was Bella Lugosi’s finest performance. (It was also his last performance as he died before the film was finished and the director’s chiropractor stood in for Lugosi on the rest of the shots. True story.) No one can deliver the children’s poem about what little boys and girls are made of with the terrifying conviction of Lugosi. And then there’s that random stock footage of stampeding buffalos, the meaning of which is still being debated. However, while Plan 9 is one of the best bad movies ever made, Glen or Glenda may forever be my favorite. 

On Wayno’s blog this week, he features a cartoon portrait he did of Ed Wood, the director of these amazing attempts at filmmaking. And, I’m proud to say, I own that very portrait!

Whether they’re playing in the hot tub in the back of their dad’s limo, cheating on their taxes with the millions their dad left them or destroying the world by denying science, spoiled rich kids are adorable. #MakingAmericaRacistAgain

The biggest difficulty Gumby had in creating this costume was finding an opaque, white condom. We asked him to tuck the reservoir tip behind for his appearance in newspapers, of course. 

At the climax of their last song, he jumps off a speaker stack and crushes his boater. (For youngsters and the millinery-ignorant, that’s what those hats are called.) For reals, Wayno plays ukelele and harmonica in a trio and explains on his blog this week that this cartoon is somewhat autobiographical. He also links to some super sexy photos of himself onstage, so if you’re into nerd rock, zoom on over there and download some hot shots.

Thanks a llama for following me down this week’s badger tunnel, Jazz Pickles. Please consider having a look at my new fine art site and visiting our store to help support our efforts.

Until my next post, be smart, be happy, be nice, and resist ignorance and fascism.

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