Roger’s Blog

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

When the lander departed the Fastrack One spacecraft we all knew that Samantha was close to going into labor. However, we didn’t know that it would begin during the descent.
Dave performed brilliantly, navigating the lander safely to touchdown. It was the accomplishment of a lifetime, and one that could not have been done by a program. It took his awesome skills to put human life on Mars.
(Oh, yeah. Dodo life, too.)
Once the crew ran down the checklist to determine that all systems were functional, Samantha announced that her baby was on its way. The activation of the medical unit was immediately moved up in priority.
The internal environmental readings were soon normal, and the crew shed their spacesuits before getting Samantha under Maria’s care. Luis, meanwhile, got the rest of the base up and online. We’re waiting breathlessly for updates.
Interesting day.