Library Fines

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

I’ve been working in libraries for 15 years or so and love being part of the staff and helping patrons check stuff in or out, find materials and, my favorite thing, recommend books and movies etc that I love to people I know will love them, too! There’s one thing that often separates the patrons into two categories: payment of fines. Our fines are .20 a day. Patrons have a grace day to bring back materials and not be fined. They can also renew and that way, get another whole check-out period to finish whatever it is and bring it back in plenty of time. If something is on hold for someone else, they can’t renew. Anyway, I always tell a patron whenever they have a fine. They appreciate knowing this, for the most part. We have patrons that will happily cough up $20.00 without a complaint, but then there are others who say “.40? How come? I always bring everything back on time!” and will argue with you even though you show them “how come”!
So, we love all our patrons and even those cranky ones are delighted when they see the new movies and TV series on the shelves. Your over-due dollars made that happen!