Clown Corpse

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

(Embiggenate this image by clicking any clown accessory.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Okay, But It Won’t Be Easy. 

To be clear, I was afraid of clowns before it was cool. Way back in my early childhood in the mid-1900s, my instincts told me that anyone wearing a disguise and trying too hard to get my attention was not safe. This almost autonomic response saved me from who-knows-how-many murderers and pedophiles. Thanks, evolution!

If you’re a fan of the daily search for the Secret Symbols, this one has 10 for your scouring pleasure! Unless I was too drunk to count accurately the day I finished this one. It happens sometimes. 

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Now that you’re back from the shop, put your bags down and let’s have a look at what my pal, Wayno, scratched into the dirt with a stick this week…

Minorities all over America would be thrilled to hear they’ll only be “surprised” during their next routine traffic stop. Yes, I know not all cops are bad but far too many are and even a few jackasses with guns and badges is too many. Come to think of it, the U.S. has something of an epidemic of jackasses with guns, with and without badges. Yee haw!

I had this idea to market a plastic box full of fleas and call it Itch-a-Sketch but I couldn’t find enough investors. My idea for wretch-a-sketch never got off the ground, either. (You don’t even want to know what was inside that one.)

Perhaps a Trump wig will accomplish the “foolish casual” look you’re going for. Although I suppose that look would be more like foolish serious. If I had a wig company and offered a Trump style, I’d call it the Apocalypse Rug.

As the old saying goes—If turds were rolls of quarters, laxatives would be more expensive.

“We can’t leave the house this weekend, we’re saving for a vacation.” 

Ever notice that whenever Wayno wants to make a character look ridiculous, he draws them with a mustache like mine? Seriously, though, you have to know when to stop. The string on this guy’s monocle is over the top.

That’s this week in mild amusement, Jazz Pickles. Thanks for following us down the rabbit hole once more. If you’ve an extra three minutes, be sure to snag a gander at Wayno’s weekly blog for more smile-type things!

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