Roger’s Blog

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Samantha never wanted the position of Mission Commander, intending to simply be a mission specialist that would allow her to focus on whatever genetics she found on Mars. The thing is, we already looked up to her as a leader so when we voted on it she was the unanimous choice.
This week required her to rise to the occasion when we were confronted with evidence of hostile intent. The first thing she did was calmly take action by telling Dave and Remora to take evasive maneuvers as we approach Mars. Once that was done she gathered the crew together and laid out her course of action and the reasons for it, giving us all the information that was available. The result was that everyone bought in.
So now a mysterious planet grows larger with each passing day. What was once merely silent and devoid of life may hide secrets no one expected.
Oh, and one other thing on something else that came up this week.