Fruit Bomb

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

(To embiggenate the image below, click on the shattered dreams of the tape dispenser.)

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Here in this discreet corner of the universe, a couple of things have happened this week worth noting. One is that we’re trying out the new website again. We’ve still got some bugs to work out here and there but think we’ll have it solved pretty soon. Let me know if you’re experiencing weirdness, in case it’s a variety of weirdness we’re not yet aware of. I’ll get to the other new thing in a moment.

Meanwhile, today’s cartoon is about photobombing and art history. If you’re having trouble understanding it, it could be that you don’t know enough about art history to recognize the image on the laptop, or that you don’t know what a photobomb is, or that you’re just drunk. Depending on which category you think you fit into, try googling, “define photobomb,” “famous painting with apple in front of face,” or “Hw dikd i gats o drnk?” 

And now the other new thing: Back by popular demand, we’ve added the original Jazz Pickle #1 shirt to our store! (Take a moment to catch your breath.) No, you’re not dreaming, this is real. This shirt will protect you from imaginary threats of all kinds, plus make you substantially more attractive to certain types of people. Get yours now before the apocalypse ends all commerce!


If everyone has sobered up enough to continue, let’s take a peek at what Wayno has been scrawling on the walls of his undisclosed location this week. By the way, this week marks six months since he took over my Monday through Saturday cartoons. Big congrats, amigo!…

A dog magazine would likely have some very interesting fragranced cards in it but none that I would care to sniff. Those fragranced cards intended for humans smell enough like roadkill to me, already.

Over on Wayno’s weekly blog, he tells a cute story about his cats that served as something of an inspiration for this cartoon. URL at the end of this post.

In Scotland, bagpipes actually play a big role in dating: if you own some, you’re not going to get a date. On Wayno’s blog, he talks about the difficulty in drawing bagpipes. Even more challenging is drawing bagtubas. 

Can’t you totally see wood-fired, bacon-stuffed Pop-Tarts becoming a huge fad in America? Perhaps the Cheeto Mussolini will toss boxes of them into a crowd of imprisoned children.

Even more frightening would be if it said something that actual conversation hearts say, like “CRAZY 4U” or“SAY YES”; takes on an intimidating pallor when combined with the folklore about aliens’ fascination with anal probes.

If you’re big into counting the Secret Symbols, you may notice that this is perhaps the first time the dynamite has appeared without being lit. Wayno must have been lit when he drew it. (Another detail I just noticed: is that Alex Trebek on the parole board? What is, Get out of here, you knucklehead and stay out of trouble?”

Recently, for reals, I read something about there not being any evidence that octopi and squids evolved on this planet and many scientists are now thinking they may have arrived here from elsewhere. I’ve also read they are insanely intelligent. (Octopi and squids, not scientists, who are also usually pretty intelligent.)  I’m no scientist, but the absurd way that octopi spell their plural form is evidence enough for me. 

To finish up the week, here’s an old cartoon of mine that I posted on Instagram this week for Throwback Thursday. (As I say every Thursday, no reason to throw it back, let’s just make the best of it.)

That’s the roundup for this week, Jazz Pickles. Don’t neglect to get your Bizarro enamel pins and the original Jazz Pickle #1 T-shirt available for a limited time! Do those things here.

And please continue to help us keep drawing stupid stuff by clicking some of the links below. We giggle each time you do!

Until next week, be smart, be nice, and resist ignorance and bigotry.

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