Roger’s Blog

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Samantha came clean to Remora about where merfolk came from. Answer: not Earth.
This goes back to over 15 years ago, when Samantha found herself transformed into a mermaid. Unwilling to give up her human life, she quickly sequenced the merfolk genome in order to change herself back.
What she found a block of human DNA (which allow merfolk and humans to mate), aquatic DNA of various water-dwelling species and a block of Something Else. The later had no relation to anything on Earth. Fortunately she was able to manipulate the Earth-based genetics to restore her original form, which led to the breakthroughs she’s made since.
She never mentioned these details to anyone, not even Rupert or Rosalind, but it was around that time she begin voicing a desire to go to Mars.
Anyway, now Remora knows, but she has reservations about the theory. We’ll find more, soon enough.