Roger’s Blog

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

With Roger’s regular site still down, we’re presenting his weekly report from space here.

Now in the sixth month of our interplanetary voyage, we’ve settled into one of our primary tasks: Keeping four inquisitive children occupied. Adding to the degree of difficulty in the anti-boredom department; one of the kids is the young Leonardo da Vinci.
Thanks to our 3-D printers we have plenty of toys, and when they get tired of them we simply melt down the plastic and build new playthings out of it.
Every day there’s a school lesson sent from Earth by Sue Havens. The kids respond to the assignment, but the signal delay does interfere with the interaction.
Finally, each child has a simple, non-mission-critical task to perform every day which is written on the daily log sheet along with everyone else’s. This ensures that they feel like they’re actual crew members like their parents.
When we return to Earth their reward will be a lot more than a lousy T-shirt. (Although they’ll get those, too!)