Timeline – 1996 Part 2

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Hi and Lois Sunday page color proof, May 19, 1996.

My brother Greg and I grew up in Connecticut where there are a lot of trees.  We used to love climbing them.  I can’t believe our parents let us do this, since it is extremely dangerous. Back then kids had a lot more freedom.

This is Greg’s gag and it undoubtedly was inspired by our arboreal adventures.  Hi reflects back on how much he liked to climb trees when he was a kid. He decides to recapture his youth and works his way to the top.

I was never afraid of heights but have become more acrophobic as I’ve gotten older.  The thought of being 100 feet up in the air frightens me now.

I love a gag that leaves one wondering what will happen next.  Will Lois call the fire department to rescue her husband?  Will Chip climb up and help his Dad?  Will Hi work up the courage to come down on his own? These are questions readers have to answer for themselves.

For another classic episode from 1996, check back here in a week.

– Brian Walker