Roger’s Blog

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Roger’s Blog is temporarily down, so until it’s back up we’ll be posting his weekly reports from Mars mission here.

WORST CASE SCENARIOA spaceship commander has a wide range of duties, and one of them is Always Thinking Of Potential Disasters. This is one edict at which Samantha has excelled her whole life.
This had to do with the recent incident in which Luis was saved due to the serendipitous intervention of his daughter. It was caused by a freak encounter with space debris, and Samantha began wondering if it wasn’t such a coincidence.
She has a point; that was a supremely unlikely event. What’s more, it came on the heels of a meteoroid hitting a solar panel during the ship’s construction. The odds of both those things occurring is too high for Samantha’s comfort.
She has no proof of a threat out there, of course, so all she could do was ask Dave to quietly alter course. I’m the only other member of the crew who’s aware of it (Can’t keep anything from me!) since it wouldn’t be productive to inflict her worries on those powerless to contribute assistance.
She’s already thinking like a parent.