Not All Dogs Go To Heaven

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

(If you’re feeling like some embiggenation, click the dog-man’s handcuffs.)

Bizarro is brought to you this week by The Hair Club For Men’s Spring Dance.

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As predicted, the cartoon above got some angry mail from people who actually need service dogs and think I am saying they don’t. I am saying no such thing. My job is to draw pictures that make people laugh and sometimes drawing a person doing something stupid achieves that. But simply because some object or word in one of my cartoons is similar to something from your real life does not mean I think you or your life are stupid.

On another note, how fun would it be to hire four actors to play the main four characters in the comic above and have them just walk around an airport? I’ve no doubt they’d be arrested by one of the many Barney Fife’s that the TSA employs to keep America inconvenient, but it would be fun while it lasted.

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Let’s peruse what Wayno was up to in the graphic comedy lab this week…

If you’re going to be a bad guy, don’t half-ass it; if you’re evil enough and have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, you have a much better chance of being pardoned by the president no matter what Facebook reveals about you. And you might even win a Senate seat like good ol’ Joe Arpaio is trying to do.

My car isn’t self-driving but it is self-pleasuring. When it starts to shudder, it won’t start again for about 30 minutes. I turn the voice part off during this process, of course.

Wayno has some fascinating stuff to say about this cartoon as it relates to something called “Uncanny Valley,” which I’d never heard of before but definitely describes me. Check out his weekly blog, the URL of which is at the end of this post!

And Republicans complain that Bizarro never makes fun of liberals.

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By the time the general locates some hummus, these two may die of old age. By the way, for those of you keeping score, that’s two jokes poking fun at liberals in as many days.

Or, you could fill their FB feeds with phony nonsense that a large number of them are stupid enough to fall for. (Google “pizza gate” then consider how many millions of residents of Dumbistan thought it was true.) America is already divided––all that’s left is to conquer. We’ll be lucky if the invaders are only extraterrestrials who know how to look sad.

Once Trump is finished stacking the courts with like-minded nitwits, childish tweets will become admissible as evidence. “Your honor, the jury finds the racist hillbilly ‘not guilty’. Arpaio for Senate!”

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