Bodacious Thanks To Marceline, Missouri–Walt Disney’s Hometown!!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow


Main Street USA in Marceline, Missouri.

Walt Disney once said, “To tell the truth, more things of importance happened to me in Marceline than have happened since–or are likely to in the future.”

This past weekend I was bodaciously blessed to be in the wonderfully quaint town of Marceline, Missouri for Walt Disney’s Hometown Toonfest.  I have been a huge Walt Disney fan my entire life and I was deeply honored and touched to be asked to attend as a Guest Cartoonist, along with Barbara Dale, Mike and Patty Peraza and John Glynn.  All five of us gave individual presentations about cartooning; served as grand marshals in a parade down Marceline’s Main Street USA; received career awards for our contributions to cartooning; had the incredible honor of planting a tree near Walt Disney’s famous Dreaming Tree on the Disney Farm; toured Walt Disney Hometown Museum and the town of Marceline; drew on the walls of Disney’s Barn and the Toonfest office; and had samples of our work displayed in an international cartoon art show.  But most importantly, we met some of the kindest, most warm, wonderful, Disney-loving people in the entire world!

I hope you will enjoy seeing some photos of this wonderful event:

Our Toonfest guest name badges, lanyards, Disney postcards and tour book.

Standing in front of what was once Walt Disney’s childhood home and now belongs to our wonderful host, Kaye Malins.


Friday night cocktail party at Kaye Malins’ home.

My wife, Karen and Kaye.

We had a fun hayride up the hill to Chris and David Ankeney’s home for a delicious supper complete with a beautiful sunset view.

Snuffy Smith fan and our dinner host, David “Santa Claus” Ankeney and Karen.


The talented Mike Peraza and I in front of my portion of the International Cartoon Art Show.

Presenting to nearly 400 students about my career as the cartoonist for King Features’ Snuffy Smith comic strip.

After our individual presentations, we participated in a Question and Answer session with the students, moderated by editorial cartoonist Paul Fell.

Drawing for the students after the Question and Answer session.

Our gracious Toonfest host, Kaye, gave us a tour of the magnificent Walt Disney Hometown Museum. Afterwards, the museum hosted a delicious dinner for us!

A young Walt Disney’s school desk is on display in the museum.

Young Walt carved his initials in the desk as you can see!

All five Toonfest honorees were grand marshals in the parade. The talented and hilarious Barbara Dale had a lot of fun riding her bale of hay like a bucking bronco!

It was a lot of fun being a grand marshal in the Toonfest Parade, especially in a bodacious truck like this one!

Being presented my Disney Toonfest cartooning award after the parade by a member of the very talented Marceline Kids Co.

Each award featured a piece of Walt’s Dreaming Tree from the Disney Family Farm in Marceline, Missouri.

For many years, the guest cartoonists have been asked to draw on the walls of the Toonfest Office.

My finished piece of Snuffy Smith Toonfest wall art.

After the parade on Saturday, we did cartooning presentations for members of the community and had a Q and A session again.

Disney artists Mike and Patty Peraza showing concept sketches from the Goof Troop TV show.

Barbara Dale, Patty Peraza, Mike Peraza, John Glynn, myself and Karen got a tour of the Walt Disney Elementary School.  Walt himself was there for the school’s dedication many years ago.

Peter Whitehead, creative director at the Walt Disney Hometown Museum, gave us a tour of the elementary school.

Karen enjoying the school tour.  After the school, we toured the Walt Disney United States Post Office in Marceline.

Kaye, Peter and the Marceline Kids Co. led a very touching and memorable Plant Ears Ceremony for us at Walt Disney’s Farm Saturday evening.  We were given really unique hardhats with Mickey Mouse ears before we planted our trees!

Planting my tree near Walt Disney’s Dreaming Tree on the Disney Farm with the help of three delightful children from the Marceline Kids Co.

What an honor it was to draw Snuffy Smith on the wall of Walt Disney’s Barn!

The Perazas and the Roses after the Tree Planting Dinner on the Disney Farm.

I created this special Snuffy Smith comic strip which ran on Saturday, September 16th as a way to say thank you to Kaye Malins and the wonderful people of Marceline, Missouri for inviting me to this wonderful celebration!  In addition to being Disney-themed, notice the Marceline reference on the lower right.