June 20th, 2017

Photos From HeroesCon 2017!

by John Rose

This past weekend I was a guest at HeroesCon 2017 in Charlotte, NC once again. We had a bodacious time meeting Snuffy Smith fans and seeing old friends and making new ones! If you have never been to HeroesCon before try to come next year!  You will thoroughly enjoy yourself.  Here are some photos from the weekend:

One of the highlights of the weekend for me was being asked to work on a jam drawing with comic legends Joe Staton (Dick Tracy, E- Man, Scooby Doo) and Marcus Hamilton (Dennis The Menace daily panels). The crossover piece is Dick Tracy reading a Snuffy Smith comic book while Snuffy is reading a Dennis the Menace comic, while Dennis is reading a Dick Tracy comic. The request for the drawing was made by comic fan, Steven Morris.

A close-up of our jam drawing.

With my good friend former Disney Animator, creator of Mushu from Mulan and co-host of The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, Tom Bancroft.  He is so amazingly talented!

Marcus and I with our banners. I have been so fortunate to be near my good friend Marcus each year.

I was so happy that both of our daughters could join me at my table this year, especially since it was Father’s Day Weekend. They were a tremendous help! Meredith is on the left and Sarah is on the right.

It was a true honor to get to meet Silver Age Comic Book legend, Joe Giella, whose work on Batman, Green Lantern and the King Features Mary Worth comic strip I have always admired.  Joe proves that the bigger they are, the nicer they are!

Both of our daughters are big fans of Tom Bancroft, so they were thrilled to meet him. They even got some Mushu sketches from Tom!

A Snuffy Smith fan who is a fisherman requested a sketch of Ol’ Bullet catching a fish.

I should have known better than to try to take one of Archie artist Jim Amash’s oatmeal cookies! Ha, ha!

Marcus, Jim and I are great friends!

Signing some Snuffy Smith books for fans.

Marcus and I with our friend John Read who is a very talented caricature artist.

HeroesCon has a benefit auction and this was the piece I contributed. It was a 35th anniversary themed piece of art because it was the 35th anniversary of HeroesCon.

Marcus and I with Tom Heintjes, the Editor of the award-winning Hogan’s Alley, the magazine of the cartoon arts.

With talented Archie cartoonist, Craig Boldman.





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